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Braces, Retainers, Expanders and Clear Aligners

Not all of us are born with perfect teeth, but thanks to Dr. Bob nobody has to know that! From fixing smaller imperfections with a retainer or appliance, to larger teeth straightening using traditional braces or clear aligners (Invisalign®) custom-fit to your teeth, we’ll make sure you get a smile that is picture perfect!


Dr. Bob will develop a comprehensive orthodontic treatment plan based on study models, photographs, side view (cephalometric) X-rays electronically traced to determine the growth patterns of the individual prior to any recommended treatments.


Retainers, Expanders and Appliances

Retainers and other removable and fixed appliances are used to intercept and treat a variety of common orthodontic problems. We can create custom solutions to address many of these issues including protrusive teeth (buck teeth), posterior and interior crossbites, open bites, guidance of newly erupting teeth and other conditions.

Traditional Braces

When more extensive correction and treatment of misaligned or rotated teeth is needed, traditional bonded metal or clear bonded ceramic brackets and wire braces may be needed. We offer these option in our office.

Clear Aligners

In many cases, Clear Aligners like Invisalign® can be used instead of traditional metal wire braces. Dr. Bob uses eClinger clear aligners– a more affordable clear aligner brand for many patients who would prefer a more invisible or aesthetically pleasing look for their orthodontic treatment.

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