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Baby's First Visit

We love seeing your baby for their first visit to the dentist! The American Dental Association recommends that children first see a dentist at twelve months of age. We realize at this age, visiting the dentist for the first time could be a scary and anxious experience for your little one. We pride ourselves in providing, a warm, friendly and comforting environment. Dr. Bob is a big believer in explaining and demonstrating what he will do in the exam to help your youngster feel at ease. We provide our new patients with a personalized, Dentasaurus, book so he or she can learn proper dental care and meet all of Dr. Bob’s “friendly” instruments that will help him care for your child’s teeth. We encourage you to bring the book back each visit for a new sticker.


In the exam, we’ll review your little one’s health history, perform a head and neck exam, soft-tissue exam, examine and clean teeth, and administer fluoride. We’ll give you tips on brushing children’s teeth such as brushing while on a changing table or other calming places, using wipes or infant toothbrushes, and special toothpastes. 

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